This album is a collection of compositions made during a highly creative period in 2014-2015, composed of 10 pieces which best represent the maturation of the exercise of Mirror Shards’ early conceptual and technical approaches.  Mirror Shards was made up by Joe and his brother Chris Formanek, who meanwhile were working closely together on the film Ascese with director Francois Ducat and sound artist Francesco Lopez, and it was during this time a plethora of works came out from extensive mindful listening, composing, improvising and recording, for both the film and Joe and Chris’s compositions.  From detailed post-production composition to raw drumset improvisation to the full usage of Mirror Shards’ auto-history approach of using a database of co-relative recordings, With Who(m) We Used to Be offers a deeply personal and meditated collection of sound pieces that challenges the conventions of music composition.

Track listing:

  1. tdt3
  2. dt2
  3. tdt6
  4. np5.1
  5. rb6.1
  6. tdt7
  7. tdt2
  8. ex7
  9. bsa3.1
  10. rb7.1